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June 7th, 2015    

nothing but the kitchen table


June 6th, 2015    

6.2 nothing but the end of the turtle


June 6th, 2015    

6 nothing but the turtle

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March 6th, 2015    

5 nothing but the police raptors

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March 1st Sunday morning podcast

We talk about ufc 184 and how Ronda rousey is GOAT

What a mind fuck the walking dead is

Sam tries to fart but is unsuccessful

Crazy winter weather in Louisiana

Kenneth shits on megan trainor

Banging chicks with thigh gaps

Stand and Bang T shirts

sam tries to fart but is unsuccessful 

We talk panel

Jurassic park police raptors

We start on the topic of becoming more aware and conscious of the universe and our own personality until the laptop started dying

Namaste cocksukers 


January 8th, 2015    

4 nothing but the fat fuck day

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Tonight! Sam wears a hat… Kenneth wears a Hat and we have a super secrete special guest who is not Obama. We talk about: the perfect “fat fuck day”, Working at a tree farm, Jumping up and down, chicks with long nipples. Kenneth accidently gives the guests full name and Sam is slipping on the bleep button.   

Naked and afraid strategies, where sam puts a monkey in an armbar Kenneth gives a sneak peak of the episode he was on and brought a vibrator with him. 


January 8th, 2015    

3 nothing but the way back machine

Tonight! From their towers they can see it all!

Podcast bayou vs podcast bio?

You know what im sayin, ya feel me, naaa mean?

Inside joke is told.

We learn that if Kenneth dated Paige Vanzant  (UFC Straw-weight) she would make him clean and cook and Sam will fight her at a catch weight.

Kenneth has a man crush on “daddy dave” from street outlaw.

We step into the waaaay back machine to talk about Lizzie McGuire Amanda bynes and full house

Sam “usta could do” napoleon dynamite impersonation

If you’re not a doctor get rid of your fake plants!

People who smoke shit weed piss me the fuck off.

Sam says SoCal for some reason and I can’t breath

Shout out to boulder holdin it down

Cops are all bald an shit… they’re all fuckin bald

Sam gets a fry stuck in her nose

“Light petting”



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December 6th, 2014    

Stand And Bang 2


November 30th, 2014    

1 Nothing but the “brown guy”

Tonight! We talk about the movie bandslam. We discuss how we wont shit on people then right away shit on people. Ronda rousey ufc 175 sam calls lyoto macheda the “brown guy”. Fred fred burger makes an appearance. Sam forgets how to spell burger. Kenneth almost falls out of his chair. Fitness you fat fucks. Sam calls out chuck lidell. Tv shows discussed. Disneyland. Friends who hook up with your ex behind your back


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